December 2022

Our work describing LUBAC and linear ubiquitination as a novel regulator of necroptosis by controlling the membrane accumulation of activated MLKL in primary human pancreas organoids is now online at bioRxiv! Find the full text here!!!

Pancreas organoids necroptosis LUBAC linear ubiquitination MLKL necroptosis Goethe University

August 2022

Very happy that our work in which we have identified USP22 as negative regulator of interferon signaling, ISG expression and important host factor against SARS-CoV-2 infection, is now online! Find the full text here!!!

Rebekka Karlowitz USP22 SARS-CoV-2 interferon ISG

July 2022

Successfully habilitatated at the Medical Faculty of the Goethe University!!! Thanks a lot to all past and current labmembers, colleagues, collaborators and supervisors!!!

Sjoerd van Wijk Goethe Universität habilitation

January 2022

Extremely happy that the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) will fund our work on ubiquitination in ABC-DLBCL!!! We are hiring a post-doc for 3 years, see here or contact Sjoerd for more information!!!

November 2021

The latest review describing the role of RIPK3 and MLKL ubiquitination for necroptotic cell death is now online!!! See here!!!

September 2021

Our new institutional website is online (at the moment only in German, Englisch translation will follow soon…)!!!

April 2021

Jens succesfully defended his PhD!!! Congratulations and many thanks for all the great work!!!

Jens Rödig PhD Defense

December 2020

The article in which we describe our discovery that USP22 controls necroptotic cell death by regulating RIPK3 ubiquitination is now published in EMBO Reports!!! Read the full text HERE!

December 2020

Our review about the contribution of specific cell organelles in autophagy-dependent cell death by Laura Zein is published in Matrix Biology!!! The full text of the the paper can be accessed HERE!!!

December 2020

Our article about ATM, Auranofin and cell death is by Vanessa Ehrenfeld and Jan Heusel is published in PLOS One! The full text of the the paper can be accessed HERE!!!

December 2020

The review about the many interesting functions of the linear ubiquitin-specific deubiquitinating enzyme OTULIN in cell fate and beyond by Nadine Weinelt and myself, is now online in Cell Death & Differentiation. The full text of the the paper can be accessed HERE!!!

October/November 2020

The paper by Svenja, Simon and Laura is finally online!!! We describe a fascinating connection between drug-induced autophagy-dependent cell death, ER stress and ER-specific autophagy in glioblastoma cells!!! The full text of the the paper can be accessed HERE!!!

ATF4 links ER stress with reticulophagy in glioblastoma cells Sjoerd van Wijk

October 2020

Very happy to have Henri Schamburg for an internship and Clara Goebel for a Deutsche Krebshilfe-funded MD in our lab!!! Welcome!!!

Henri Schamburg and Clara Goebel

August 2020

Svenja Zielke successfully defended her PhD on August 31st!!! Svenja worked on studying autophagy-related cell death in glioblastoma and published some very nice papers… Congratulations!!!

Svenja Zielke PhD

Juli 2020

Our collaborative study in which we unravel the mechanisms of drug-induced ER-phagy in glioblastoma has been accepted by Autophagy!!! More info soon…

ssRFP-GFP-KDEL ER-sensor EBSS Loperamide ER-phagy reticulophagy

May 2020

Our manuscript, in which we use quantitative, single-molecule TNFR1-mEos2 PALM imaging to evaluate TNFR1 antagonists (such as the CysLTR1 antagonist zafirlukast), is now accepted for publication by the Journal of Leukocyte Biology!!! In collaboration with the labs of Mike Heilemann (Frankfurt) and Harald Wajant (Würzburg), Nadine Weinelt and Christos Karathanasis demonstrated that our single-molecule TNFR1-mEos2 imaging system can be used to test, characterize and evaluate chemical inhibitors that interfere with TNFR1 clustering and activation of downstream NF-kB activation!

Weinelt Zafirlukast TNFR1 clustering PLAD